Terms of Medicare Supplement Plan

Terms of 2019 Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement plans are specially designed to fill the gaps of Medicare plan and with the plans, you will never have to deal with the out of the pocket expenses that the actual Medicare plan leave you with. To get the one

So let’s check some of the common terms and rules that you need to be aware of with Medicare and also the Medicare Supplement plan:

Common Terms:

Part A is the amount of hospital coverage that Medicare pays for you. You are responsible only for the $1,100 deductible of every benefit period (60 days) as you entered a hospital.

Medicare Part B is the outpatient Medicare coverage for the specialists, physician and surgery services. There is also an annual $155 Part B deductible that you need to pay at the beginning of each calendar year when you visit a physician.

Part B premium – All of the Medicare beneficiaries are responsible to pay for their Part B premium. The amount will base on your annual income.


This is an arrangement where a physician or the hospital agrees to accept the Medicare-approved amount as their full payment for services and the supplies covered under Part B. Medicare pays 80% of the approved amount directly to the doctor as the beneficiary satisfies the Part B deductible. The Medicare Supplement Plan members pay the other 20%.

Skilled Nursing Facility

A medical care facility primarily used for rehabilitation. Patients are typically in the Skilled Nursing Facility as they are recuperating from an accident, illness or the surgical procedure. Medicare typically pays all costs except $137.50 each day but not continue to pay for the service if the person has a degenerative condition. This is where the Medicare Supplement plan can help you out.

Medicare Part D

This is the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.  It can help you to cover the cost of some prescription drugs.

Part B Coinsurance – After the Part B deductible, Medicare requires you to pay 20% of all Medicare eligible expenses for specialist, doctor, ambulance and hospital outpatient services and medical supplies.

Excess Charges

When your medical bill for Part B services exceeds the Medicare-eligible expense, you need to pay a certain amount.  Some Medicare plans do not cover this extra charge but the Medicare Supplement Plan can cover it.

Enrollment Period

This is your assured enrollment process within 6 months of enrolling in your Medicare Part B plan.