Medicare supplement plan N and its benefits

The new Medicare Supplement Plan is quite similar to the Medicare Advantage Plans. Plan N matches the Medicare Advantage plan in many ways including the co-payments to see a doctor but comes with all the advantages of your traditional Medicare Supplements, such as no networks of hospital and doctor. Get a quote for a 2019

But the question is what makes the plan a good alternative to your advantage plan?  Your advantage plan can change each year and the benefits can change with its increasing premium but you will not get a chance to renew your plan for the following year. If you don’t like the changes, the Medicare supplement plan N can be the most viable alternative for you.

Plan N comes with more freedom than the advantage plan and it offers lower premiums than the other plans. In some of the cases, it comes with lower premiums than many of the other Supplement plans that are available in the market. Benefits are also more comprehensive of the plan including the Part a. that comes with

Part A deductible to the hospitals

  • Blood
  • Part A hospital co-insurance
  • Skilled coinsurance nursing facility
  • Hospice co-insurance/co-payment

Medicare Part B

  • Part B outpatient co-insurance
  • Blood
  • Other benefits
  • Foreign travel emergency

Premiums for Medicare Supplement plan N are very less than other supplements as the policy will share a certain amount of outpatient costs. If you purchase this plan, you will be responsible for:

  • The deductible Part B-currently $155 annually
  • Up to $20 co-pay for the doctor visits
  • $50 co-pay for the emergency room visit

Why it is a good alternative to Medicare Advantage plan:

Medicare supplement plan is the smartest alternative to the advantage plan because as you purchase Plan N, you are not bound by any of the network restrictions like any other advantage plans. Also, these supplement plans offer the standardized benefits from one to another company and they are easily accepted by the medical providers. As this is a standardized plan, you will be able to compare it with others easily.

The next difference between Plan N from the other plans is the price of course and a perceived level of customer service.

No deductibles or daily co-pays for the inpatient hospital stays are needed with the plan. Your supplement plan N can cover the 20% of coinsurance for the outpatient surgery that actual Medicare never pays. This is not any annual plan and you are not subject to enrollment periods.